Currently working as Chief Executive Officer of Norma Research, a research and analytics firm based in Trivandrum, Kerala from 2004 onwards and as Director of Norma School of Analytics from its formation in 2008. 


More than 21 years of Research Experience in setting research designs, conducting primary surveys, handling databases, performing statistical analyses, conducting qualitative data analyses and generating reports and presentations in print and electronic formats. Has carried out more than 260 Research/Analytics Projects involving Evaluation of Programmes, Efficiency/Performance Measurement, Programme/Product Design and Feasibility Studies, Sector Status Studies, Baseline-Endline Studies, Satisfaction Surveys and Opinion Surveys.

Analytical Experience includes the application of Statistical techniques from Tabulations to Multivariate Analysis, Advanced Statistical Modelling and Forecasting, Structural Equations Modelling (SEM), Statistical Simulations and Data Mining Techniques. Excellent technical experience in using various data management, analytical and mining software. 

Experience in the Sectors of Planning and Governance, Transport, Migration, Education, Healthcare, Water and Sanitation, Social Welfare and Media. Has worked in various capacities as Project Director, Project Consultant, Statistical Consultant, Data Analyst and Team Member. 

An indicative list of research projects involved (most of them carried out by Norma Research, Trivandrum, Kerala) is available, excluding confidential projects. You may ask for it.


Has more than 20 Years of experience in the teaching profession in the Government and Private sectors. Experience spans from Resource Person to Faculty at University and Professional Trainer in the Industry imparting training in the programmes in Data Analytics, Statistical Software and Econometrics.

Earlier Served at St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri for eight years as a Senior Lecturer in Econometrics at post graduate level.


Sixteen years of experience in business management and administration includes coordination of Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, Marketing and Relationships and; Office Administration functions in the institutions. 

Founded the research firm, Norma Research in the year 2000, providing research and analytics services to Government Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Corporates and to Academics. Later in 2008, took the initiative to establish Norma School of Analytics exclusively for providing training in analytics on an interdisciplinary platform. 

Continue to work as Chief Executive Officer of Norma Research from 2004 and Director of Norma School from its formation. Remains responsible for the overall management of the institutions. Coordinates the functions of Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, Marketing and Relationships and; Office Administration.

Norma Research has completed more than 300 Research/Analytics projects so far. Norma School has conducted more than 100 different training programmes and has trained more than 1200 participants of different profiles from various domains.