Researcher by profession;        
  Data Analyst by expertise;        
  Trainer by passion;        
  Entrepreneur by mission.        

  Founder and CEO,         


  • I live in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala State, India. 
  • Born and brought up in Kottayam district, in the central part of Kerala. Teacher parents and the status of the eldest child: discipline was equally important as air and water in childhood!
  • President's Scout Award at the age of 14 was thrilling; it helped to shape my mind.
  • Trigonometry frightened me at school and probability made me scream at college! Prayed to God for a maths-free world! God declined my prayers, but showed me opinion polls - probability in action! That attracted me; slowly I fell in love with Statistics.
  • Learned Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Advanced Statistics for postgraduation in Economics at the University of Kerala. 
  • Learned computers when MS-DOS ruled desktops and; dBase, Lotus 1-2-3 and Wordstar did many amazing things! Felt like landed in a wonderland! More wonders were in the store of analytics! Spent sleepless nights with SPSS! 
  • University Grants Commission's Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship made me happy. It made me believe that one day I would become a researcher and analyst.
  • Learned Efficiency Measurement using Mathematical Programming and Data Envelopment Analysis for MPhil in Applied Economics at Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). New Delhi. Worked more on its application in the transport sector for PhD from JNU, New Delhi with ICSSR Fellowship.
  • Started career as a Lecturer. Taught Econometrics to postgraduate students at St.Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut, Kerala and at Department of Economics, University of Kerala.
  • Delivered more than 400 lectures and training in data analytics and statistical software at academic staff colleges, management institutes and corporate houses. Love for teaching made me a student forever! 
  • Never-ending excitements in analytics made me a Data Analyst! Amazing advancements in technology and free software platforms keep on exciting me. Derived expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods of data analytics by burning a lot of midnight oil and by meeting some of the toughest challenges asking for data-driven solutions, from international agencies, national and state governments, media houses and NGOs.
  • Completed more than 300 data analytics projects successfully, Hurray! You can contact me to learn more on my adventures in data analytics!
  • I believe, Information is one of the most inevitable inputs for all walks of life. Lack of information means, missing opportunities, falling short of potential and; even denial of justice!
  • I dream of a world where all human beings enjoy equal opportunity towards availability, accessibility and affordability of valid and reliable information.
  • Founded Norma Research, a research and analytics firm in 2000; Norma School, a training centre for research and analytics in 2008. 
  • Currently works as Chief Executive of Norma Research and Director of Norma School. Working with some awesome people right now to make the best out of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. 
  • My wife Najma is my best friend and partner in all wise and crazy things I do. Kavya, Kevin, Kristo and Klara are our baby analysts.
  • I have a more detailed and seriously drafted résumé if you're into that sort of thing. You may ask for it.
  • You may contact me at any time; you are always welcome!

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